Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crazy Dog T-Shirt Review

This review was so much fun.  I was given three shirts to review and to share with you.  I loved going to their website and picking out shirts.  They have so many fun shirts and costumes.  There are three sites that I went to and they were:

They have shirts as low as $6.99 and the shirts are of high quality and after being washed it did not fade and none of the picture came off.  This shirt was a little big for him so he will continue to wear it for a while.

My son loved this shirt so much and so did everyone that he showed it to!  Check it out it is awesome!  This is my favorite shirts of all. 

 front of shirt

Guess what this shirt does????
He was the hit of school on Halloween! 
He really liked to suck in his stomach and make it really scary!

I have never seen a shirt like this.  Here is where you can find this shirt 

The second shirt I chose was a shirt from
I am always looking for shirts for St.Patrick's Day and I really liked this one.

This is a fitted shirt for a woman and fits very well and has very vibrant colors.

or it can also be found under St. Patricks Day T-shirts 
The third shirt was from and was more of a fun shirt and also for St. Patricks Day!

This shirt would be fun to wear to a St. Patricks Day Party!

This shirt can be found under All T-shirts at

I had so much fun picking out these shirts and will have even more fun wearing them.  My son is so excited to wear his shirt every time we go somewhere new so he can show it off.  On St. Patrick's Day I will have a green shirt to wear during the day and another one to wear to a St. Patrick's Day party!

"They have a variety of Funny T Shirts for everyone!" or "Check out their selection of St Patricks Day T Shirts!"