Thursday, October 27, 2011

The HCG diet and how it worked for me!!!

 This picture was in August of 2010 
I dont know my weight but was over 175 pounds

On July 25th I started the HCG diet.  There were only a few people that knew that I was going to start this diet because of all of the controversy involved.  I was sure I would get people telling me that it was unhealthy and I should not do it.  I am sure the people that would have said that were thinking that no one can live on 500 calories a day and still stay healthy.  I was skeptical too but after doing lots of research and finding out which company I wanted to go with I just took the plunge and I am so happy that I did.

This was me and my son in July of 2010

I went to on facebook and while they were having a wonderful 50% off sale I purchased the drops.  There are many different sites on the internet and many different facebook pages selling the HCG drops but I really liked the discussion section on this site.  Everyone was so helpful and it was just like having someone sitting next to you doing the diet and you could always find someone in the same boat as you.

This was me in March 2011
At this time I weight almost 170 pounds

I started this diet after vacation when I knew in November I would be in a wedding for my niece.  I knew I didnt have the will power to do it during vacation and from what I was reading I could lose 1/2 or more pounds a day.  When I first started I was so scared that I wouldnt be able to continue the diet or I would cheat but when you are seeing 1/2 to 2 pounds a day just falling off a day that is the motivation I needed.

This was me in mid July of 2011

 This was the picture that made me really not like myself

On Monday July 25th I weighed 166.6 pounds and I felt huge.  On this diet you are to eat lots and lots of fatty foods while taking the drops for two days.  I ate lots of fatty foods including McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and fried chicken with potatoes and gravy.  I ate more food for those two days than I normally eat in a week and this was in the instructions so I said if I am going to be eating 500 calories for 40 days then now is the time to gorge!  While you are gorging you also need to be taking the drops three times a day.

Now to take the drops.  The company I got them from, you took the drops under your tongue and held it there as long as possible.  It doesnt taste the best but nothing horrible. I also took the Vitamin B drops and held them under my tongue but they were really really sweet.  I also had a side effect to the Vitamin B, my face gets feeling really hot and sometimes I can feel it in my arms too.  It goes away rather quickly just a little annoying and a little scarey at first. 

The HCG diet kit I received

On Tuesday July 26th I woke up and had gained 0.8 pounds up to 167.4 and was really freaked out but what did I expect after eating all of that fattening food.  It was better the next day when I woke up to a lose of 2.4 pounds (165.0) Now I was done with Phase 1 and ready to move onto Phase two or R1P2D1 meaning Round 1 Phase 2 and Day 1.

At this point I went to the grocery store and bought a kitchen scale for about $5 as this is a must.  You dont really realize how much 100 grams of meat is until you put it on a scale.  I could get three to four meals out of one chicken breast and 4 meals out of one pound of 97% hamburger.  The hamburger needs to be at least 97% and not eaten that often for the diet to work well.  

Things you will need to get started:

Stevia and not Stevia in the Raw
Flavored Stevia
Seasonings without sugars added
Lotions, Shampoos, Make up, etc with no oils in them
Kitchen Scale
White Fish
Chicken Breast-Skinless
97% Hamburger
Fresh Lobster
Fresh Shrimp
Crab Legs

I know there are more but these are the ones that I used.  This is a wonderful link to check
out information including the info right below!
A safe way to divide up the calories:
* 300 calories protein per day
* 120 calories fruit per day
* 80 calories veggies per day
* 2 proteins, 2 veggies, 2 fruits a day
* All food is weighed raw
* Only weigh what you eat
* Don’t mix your veggies
* Don’t eat 500 calories all at once
* Drink minimum 2 liters of H20 daily
* Don’t use butter or oil/oil spray
* Don’t drink alcohol
  R1P2D1 I woke up to another lose and was at 163.8 so I started my 500 calories.
The worse part was waking up and not having any caffeine and it gave me a headache.  I took a couple Excedrine Migraines and that really helped.  I only had to do it two days and then that was it.  Since then I have only drank water.

This is a very indepth diet and has lots of things that should be done but to get the best info you should check the link above.

At a later date I will do a more indepth account of the diet but this time I just wanted to get the information about the diet out there.
I started doing this diet thinking I would do the 40 days but at day 23 I was ready for a break and I was at 153.8 pounds.  Day 23 was the last day of the drops but you continue the 500 calories for three more days without the drops.  

I got down to 150.8 before I started Phase 3.  Phase three was the hardest for me I think because no one was telling me exactly what to eat just no sugar and no carbs.

On day 29 of the diet I had been on phase 3 for a couple of days and gained 3.6 pounds and was completely freaking out so I did an egg day on day 31.

Egg Day:  An egg day consist of eating only 9-12 eggs through out the day with nothing else except water to drink.  When I woke up on day 32 I had lost 2.2 pounds and so happy about that as I was at 152.2 and continued to lose 1/2 pound for a couple of days.  

The new me at 144 pounds

I decided on Sept 4th that I needed to start back on the diet as I was at 153.8 and I wanted to get down to about 142.  When I started I did great and got down to 150.0 in three days.  I did all the same steps as I had in the previous diet and got down to 142.4 by Sept 28th.  

I had lost a total of 25 pounds and was extremely happy!  I stopped the diet since I was at my goal weight and went back on Phase 3.   I got down to 141.2 pounds but now am back up to 144 pounds but extremely happy and am back to eating normal food and even some sweets here and there and keeping it off!

I also have done the Ultimate Body Wrap and lost another 7 inches on my stomach.  I think the HCGdiet and the Ultimate Body Wraps should be done together after you are done with Phase 2 of the diet.  I cant believe how amazing they are.  I started doing one while I was on the diet not knowing that I should have waited but I still lost inches. I have done two more since then and love them so much I started my own facebook business page for them.

I cant wait to get people started on the HCG diet and the Ultimate Body Wraps.  Here are my results:

These results are unbelieveable with just an Ultimate Body Wrap three times and look at how much my stretch marks got lighter.  

I plan on doing one more before the wedding next weekend to see if I can lose some more inches.  

I have went from a size 12/14 pants size and last weekend I bought a size 7/8 jeans and could of gotten a 5/6 because by the end of the day my pants were falling down :)

I will continue my journey and let you know how it goes but it will never go back to the previous me again!

Everything in here is my journey and no one gave me anything for free or paid me for my opinions.  Thank you

My happy family and I