Friday, April 26, 2013

Wrap with Jolene: $10,000 Bonus, What are you waiting for???

Wrap with Jolene: $10,000 Bonus, What are you waiting for???:   Are you ready to start a new adventure in life? I started with It Works in S eptember of 2011 and today I am a Triple Diamond!! ...

$10,000 Bonus, What are you waiting for???

 Are you ready to start a new adventure in life?

I started with It Works in September of 2011 and today I am a Triple Diamond!!

 When I started the Business Builder Kits were $199 and now they are only $99 and you receive four Ultimate Body Wraps plus business materials as show in the picture below!

 People thought I was crazy to start this business but guess what they dont think I am crazy anymore :) 

 You can purchase a business builder kit for $99 or even presell the four wraps in your kit to four people that are wanting to wrap and then use that money to buy your kit!

The Ultimate Body Wraps are even handed out at the Emmys!  After you sign up and set up your 80bv autoship then get four loyal customers in your first 30 days you will get 120bv in FREE Product!!

 For each Distributor that you sign up that gets two loyal customers within their first 30 days and that distributor has their 80 bv autoship set up you will get a $100 Fast Start Bonus!  This is for every new distributor that you sign up.  Fast Start Bonuses are paid out weekly!!

 What is stopping you from becoming DEBT FREE today?

Go to opportunity and start today!!

You can even name your website!

 Our Ultimate Body Wraps are all Natural!!

Are you a victim?  You can contact me at or Check me out on Facebook!

 Do you want a $10,000 bonus?  You have until April 30th to get signed up and still be eligible!!  You will have three months to make it to Diamond and get your bonus!!  

I am receiving mine and so is my husband and many others on my team!!

 This is what the average Distributor pay is!!  I am Triple Diamond and I am making more than the average Triple Diamond and you can too!!  I will be here to help you every step of the way!!

I have a couple of private groups on facebook that I can add you to where we help each other out!  You will never be left alone!

 What is stopping you NOW?  It cant be the start up cost because I have already told you how to take care of that so now it is just YOU and I want YOU on my team!!  Join today and you can be in my shoes soon with a little hard work and determination!!

We have something for everyone!  We have many products other than the Ultimate Body Wraps!!
Check out my results from the last year and a half and let me know what you think!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Giveaway for over $540 worth of It Works Products!

Are you ready for another giveaway?

I have a huge giveaway going on my Facebook Business page so be sure you check it out!  

You can Win over $540 in products!!

 I have been using It Works products and these are my results!!

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Good luck everyone!!