Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Old Navy and Crowdtap gave me FREE Old Navy Dresses!

I love Crowdtap and Old Navy and was given a wonderful opportunity to be in one of Crowdtap's Fashion Shares.  I was not able to head out to Old Navy so I sent my niece and her best friend and they had so much fun dressing up, trying out different styles, and taking pictures!!

Check out the different dresses they tried on!

They even went and picked out shoes and accessories to add to the dresses.

This picture is a little blurry but it shows the dress off well.

Most of the dresses available were the same style but many colors to choose from.

This is one of the dresses that they chose!

This is the other dress they chose.

The two dresses that they chose were black but could be dressed up in so many different ways and were both very stylish.  They were so excited and cant wait to go out wearing these dresses.

Thank you to Old Navy and Crowdtap!

Come join me at Crowdtap and get fabulous prizes including fashion from Old Navy.  Just click on the link and start having fun!  Click here!

 You can also get many other prizes just for answering quick questions.

I just got chosen today for a new Clothing Share from Old Navy:

Sweat It Out in Old Navy Activewear! 

 Be sure to keep following to see about my Activewear too!!