Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mixbook Review

I was really excited when I got to do a reveiw on Mixbook because I really love their photobooks, photo cards, calenders, and invites.

I ordered 30 5"x7" flat invitations with premium stock for this review 
I cant believe how nice these invitations are.  They are made of really thick materials and also come with envelopes that are very nice.  I added a family picture on the front and it came out very nice.  

You can get invitations that are already made up and you just add your information or you can get ones that you make from scratch.

The program is very easy to use and the pictures are very easy to upload.  There are also many things that you can add to your pictures.

I made mine from scratch and I played around with many things and found multiple ways I could jazz up the invitations.  I think I will use this for my children's birthday parties too.

Check out the link above to go straight to the Christmas Cards.
The cards also came in a nice and sturdy cardboard box so you wont have messed up invitations, photos, or cards.